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If you were in a medieval storybook, what role would you play? Take this ever-so-exciting quiz to find out.


let's talk ethics, here: you see an old, blind, merchant being mugged by a goblin on the side of the road. most likely, you would:

wait until the goblin is finished, then steal his spoils.
do the honorable thing and rescue the man by saluting the enemy and fighting him off.
shrug and continue on my way, not wanting to waste my strength.
fry them both with my fiery breath and get it over with. sheesh.
goblin? WHERE? *runs away*
what am i doing on the commoner's road? i certainly would not stoop to travel on such unsophisticated means. *scoffs*
casually whistle by, steal the merchant's gold, and conveniently tie the goblin's shoelaces together, all without being noticed. gosh, i'm clever...
come at the goblin with a rake (or any other tool able to be wielded as a weapon), backed by the rest of the angry mob. i find strength in numbers, and i always help my neighbors.

pick a set of words that appeals to you:

complacency, simple
righteousness, dogma
invidiousness, malign
disingenuous, crafty
dynamism, ambition
intruige, fame
incendiarism, arson

describe the kind of person you would want to be your significant other:

someone who is intelligent and well-read, who can recite shakespeare to me.
someone with a good sense of humor, swift charm and a soft touch.
someone really hot. but they have to be easily manipulated or my plans are totally shot...
someone who adores me and would do anything i ask of them.
someone practical and good-hearted.
someone who is faithful, and who is honest and beautiful.
meh, i'm actually more of a loner...

what do your friends say about you?

they see me as a leader, the one who makes good decisions. they also agree that i'm very talented.
they better be saying good things, ebellishing my reputation. if not, i'll be hiring that hitman, i mean...
*shrugs* what does it matter to me?
they're intimidated by me, so chances are nothing bad...
they all look up to me, of course. i don't mean to be immodest, but i am beautiful.
i'm a well-rounded individual. kind of shy, i guess, and more of a follower than a leader.
well, gee, i don't know. i should probably go find out...
they're still trying to get me back from all the jokes and tricks i've pulled over on them...

which lyric do you like the best?

"And on this bed there lyeth a knight; his wound is bleeding day and night. By his bedside kneeleth a maid, and she weepeth both night and day..."
"Would you like to meet the villain somewhere underneath the skull of a moon? Fire burned his eyes out, 'cause his chains are too long for you..."
"If only you'd come back to me, if you laid at my side, I wouldn't need no mojo pin to keep me satisfied..."
"I can't swim your waters, and you can't walk my lands. I'm sailing all my sins, and I'm climbing all my fears, and soon now I'll fly..."
"Farewell Angelina. The bells of the crown are being stolen by bandits...I must follow the sound..."
"Circle around the park, joining hands in silence. Watch the evil black the sky. The storm has ripped the shelter of illusion from our brow; this power is no mystery to us now..."
"When I think more than I want to think, do things I never should do, I drink much more that I ought to drink because it brings me back you..."
"I am the thief without the take. Everytime I try to do my art, always fallin' apart, fallin' apart. I am the thief without the take...I've stolen from myself too too long. It's just the music makes me want to go on; I am the thief without the take..."

how do you react to stress?

i try and remain as organized as possible, and i never lose my cool.
i lash out with really cynical and caustic comments at anyone who gets in my way.
i go out and spend money. or i get really bossy.
i listen to angry music and write in my journal about how much i hate everybody.
nah, i live a pretty stress-free life.
i go take a walk and spend sometime alone.
i do something destructive. you know, punching holes in walls, setting fire to somewhere...
i go out for a drink and/or surround myself with friends.

what's the first attraction you visit at the renaissance festival?

the jousting match. the good knight usually wins.
the jousting match. i always root for the bad guy, heh heh heh...
i go visit my friends in the king's court.
the FOOD. those turkey legs are so good!
i just sort of...wander.
archery. it's actually one of my hidden talents. i rawk the bullseye.

superficial question: favorite color?

anything shiny...
*is colorblind*
neutral colors.

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